Christmas Cactus Care

I am always asked about how Cactus are a different breed of plant why are Christmas Cactus treated so differently from its cousins. The Main difference is that Christmas Cactus is cultivated more for the bloom than the foliage or in case of thorny Cactus the overall look.

Most people when they care for a Cactus they adhere to the rule of “BenighnNeglect”. Less is the rule. Less water, high light, no care needed here. When these rules are applied to Christmas Cactus they will fail. (Yes I said it, Die! ) Remember this plant came from Brazil where it grew on the side of trees, kinda like epiphytes or orchids. This plant would do so much better if it were called an egg plant. Most people purchase this plant for the bloom and simply want to know how to cause the plant to re-bloom. Depending on which one you have the summer bloomer or the winter depends the direction you need to take. In our high desert you can be assured that these plants will do well without pure peat or loads of sand. Better use a good potting mix with small amounts of peat and sand. Here we want the plant to dry between waterings. This is where if the plant is left without or diminished watering it will cause the root system to open and then it will take the Bloom Maker fertilizer.