Modern Plant Concepts takes great pride in offering the El Paso and surrounding community the opportunity to purchase high quality plant material at an affordable price.

Plant Services

The modern plant Interiorscape company does more than 'splash and dash'. With a design team with over a jundred years of experience we can transform your offices into 'Green Building'.

Plant Leasing

We decided to help our customers by adding plant leasing service to our product line. The lease cost is in direct proportion to the purchase price of the plant material.

Featured Client

The Patio
When asked to help design and develope an ambiance these were the touches that made this restaurant a true standout of all the restaurants in El Paso.

Dave Davis Bio

I started taking care of plants in 1960. I did this to help my parents who owned Chez Paree Flowers, an 800 Sq. Ft. shop.

They were selling house plants to customers who were getting more and more frustrated with the purchasing and repurchasing of plants.
They were selling house plants to customers who were getting more and more frustrated with the purchasing and repurchasing of plants. They would buy healthy stock and because of their lack of expertise would slowly kill them. Sometimes it would happen quickly. Then the customer would bring the dead plant back to the Shop and want to know what went wrong.

That’s when the phrase, “Yellowing leaves is caused by to much water or not enough sun”, was the explanation. The so called general rule given to the customers. I started reading some books and talking to the growers who we purchased the plants from. During these early days plant care guides were few, far between, and not at all applicable for the care of plants in the high desert of West Texas.

My motives for learning this stuff wasn’t for the love of nature, it was because I wanted a bike and this was the way to earn the dinero to buy it.

In the winter of 1961, I landed my first contract with Westin Paso Del Norte Hotel. They had brought in 6 Cocos Plumosas from Scotsdale, placed them in the hotel lobby and they needed somone to service and maintain them.

During these early years I bcame familiar with Dr. Wolverton and the NASA plant experiments. To this day there is not a man made machine that can metabolize carcinogens the way a plant can and why this is not public knowledge amazes me.

These became the impetus of what would become a passion for me.

In 1973 Modern Plant Concepts was formed as the plant service arm for the florwer shop which had become one of the largest flower shops in Texas.

It was not to long after that Modern Plant Concepts purchased its first service vehicle and developed our mission statement:

To provide an interiorscaping service that would become an industry leader in the developement and incorporation of cutting edge techniques used in the care and maintenance of plants. To sell, service and lease quality house plants to the El Paso / Juarez metroplex

This is why we produce and carry Living wall systems, Hydroponic systems, Special Macramae, and Several types of self watering containers.

We are dedicated to providing the El Paso, Southwest with the best plant service possible.